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Legal Knowledge: From Taxes to Trespassing

amjad | January 14, 2024

Yo, listen up all my people, let’s talk about the law,

If you got questions about taxes, I got the info, no flaws,

How long does HR Block keep your tax records, you ask?

Well, lemme tell you, it’s no simple task,

Next up, we got the managing partner salary in NYC,

Big bucks or small change, let’s see what we see,

Is owning a chimpanzee in India legal at all?

You’ll find the answer, just give it a call,

Junior legal executives, they got a job to do,

Check out the career path and you’ll be informed too,

Can you panhandle in California, making a few bucks?

Or will you be out of luck and all down on your lucks?

And if you’re into NFL, wanna bet legally and wise?

Here’s how to legally bet, no need to disguise,

Looking to build a house, need some good contractors in Hyderabad?

Get expert builders and contractors, it’s time to be a leader,

Need info about insurance legal and regulatory (if1), compliance and laws?

Don’t worry, I got you, no need to pause,

Heading to Malta? Want to know the rules for tourists straight and clean?

Read up and be prepared, it’s no longer unseen,

And last but not least, flying drones over private property, any restrictions?

Get all the legal restrictions explained, use proper convictions,

So that’s the rap on the law, hope you learned a thing or two,

Stay informed and legal, it’s the right thing to do!

Written by amjad

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